Thursday, November 19, 2009

セーラームーンS [musical]

November 18, 2009

DVD - owned
watched alone

I actually went to the original musical 「うさぎ・愛の戦士への道」
back in 1994 with yuka. and I owned the video of it (somehow) haha
and we used to watch that at the australian embassy over and over
til we could sing all the lyrics to each song. haha good times.
but a few years back, I suddenly had the urge to watch it again
and looked for the video but couldn't find it!!
So I looked for the DVD version and finally found the DVD
at mandarake in shibuya and sokkou bought it. lol
chooooo hisashiburi ni mita kedo, honto the songs in this
musical is sugooooi good. haha shikamo ima mitemo
omoshiroi. haha aikawarazu kodomo ka? w
tuxedo mission toka hiiko to NIS de yoku utattanaaaa
la soldier wa imadani karaoke de tamani utau kedo. haha

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