Sunday, May 9, 2010

the Butterfly Effect

May 8, 2010

DVD owned
watched with aya

watched this after jumper with aya
choooo hisashiburi ni mite
yappa shougeki teki dayone
i cant believe i didnt remember a lot of it
it was good though watching it again
definately worth the buy
but its chotto tsukareru so tamani miru
nowa ii kana tte kanji.
but sugoooooi omoshiroi.
and special effects r cool too.
the ending ga ne... chotto bimz
kana? tte saisho omotta kedo
i watched the alternate endings in the
deleted scenes part, and socchi yori
saishuu ban ga choudo iino kana
tte omotta. hahaha but i also liked the
theatrical ending too.
ALSO!! i loved carlos no character in
this movie. chooo minor part datta kedo
very inshouteki! i thought it was this guy
and i checked it out on imdb and i was right!!
Kevin Durand the dog person from Dark Angel!
he was soooo good as a spanish kei na person
in this movie!! zenzen mitame mo chigatta kara
ale!? mitaina. kekkou hes in a lot of movies too.
kekkou suki. hehe :P

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