Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter 8

at Shinjuku Picadily theatres
watched with ste, natsu, hiiko

met up with nacchan for lunch,
ate udon, went to karaoke for 1hr,
then met up with ste and hiiko to watch
the well awaited harry potter 8!
Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

ahhhh mou majide matte mashita tte kanji
shikamo it was sooooo EPIC!!
sooooo good. 
brilliant way to end the series i think.
maji snaaaaapeeeeee tte kanji. hahaha
and yea graphics were sugoi as usual,
story was good.
iu koto nashi.
mata mitai.
haha and i am actually gonna go watch it again
next time in 3D with nacchan like next week.
ahahhaha i was like mata mitaina~ tte boso tte
girls bathroom de ittara, natsuyo was like me too!
i was gonna go watch it next week.
i ask with who? and she says hitoride. haha
so i say momomo iku! and she says nice!
ahahha tte kotode kettei!! 
im quite excited!!
maybe ill watch 7 again before i watch 8 again
hahaha dondake tte kanji?! 
anyway, thats how much i liked it.

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