Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 11 inside the towers / the falling man

sep 11 2011
on youtube
watched alone

its been 10 years since 9 11...
majika... mou sonna ni tattanoka.
to omoinagara i thought i wanted to see
what i saw 10 years ago. so i searched
on youtube to see what i could find.
and i started off watching all the different
news that was on that talked about the
terrorist attack on the towers.
and i saw the shunkan of when the plane hit
and when the 2nd plane hit. and the peoples
hannou on the street, and then i came across this.
which i think was a documentary made
about what happened inside of the tower.
and kekkyoku i watched like 3 hours of ironna stuff
and nanka aratamete shock tte kanji.

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