Sunday, October 9, 2011


9 Oct 2011
DVD borrowed from Tsutaya
watched alone
3rd time watching this movie too.
1st time in good quality as well. w
koremo ii eiga dayone~.
honto saikou.
theres just these specific scenes thats like
so good.
konkai kizuitano wa its when arietty is
looking at the neko. and they just
stare at each other, but sore dake de kaiwa ga
dekita kanji de mou subete ga tsutawattanda
tte kanji. aete soko ni nanimo iwanakatta tte iu
ghibli no hassou de kitaneeeee. w
also when arietty is shocked and jibun no seide
hikkosanakya ikenakute feeling bad and goes out
for a walk, when the tousan and kasan look at each other
just that one look and the facial expression just
captures everything. honto sugoi to omou.

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