Monday, January 18, 2010

Harry Potter [and the Philosopher's Stone]

January 17, 2010

DVD owned
watched alone

ive probably watched this over 20 times.
so maa jyaa 21 kai me tte kotode koko kara
mata count suru koto ni shiyou.
anyway, i watch this when i wanna work on
something else. so nanka it makes me
relaxed nandayone. haha fushigito. w
i remember daigaku no koro toka, when
i had to work on my assignment on photoshop,
i would have this on the bg and i would
repeatedly watch it. tabun renzoku 3kai
toka atta to omou. haha maji i dont have to watch
it to know what image is on the screen tte gurai
mimakutta karane. haha

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