Monday, January 25, 2010

You've got mail

January 24, 2010

DVD - xmas present from sakopapi
watched alone

chooooooo hisashiburi ni kono eiga mita.
like this is my 2nd time watching it since
it came out in 1999 so its basically been 10
years since i saw it the last time.
and its so omoshiroi. how the internet is
so slow, and AOL! toka de chat shitari,
"you've got mail" tte computer ga announce
suru toko toka, nanka natsukashii kibun. lol
but other than that, i wonder if people
can really fall head over heels with someone
only through writing and mail?? without
even knowing their name or what they look like...
cuz although i wish it were true, im skeptical
about meeting people through the internet...
dounandaro. it worked out for them in this
movie, but hoka nimo real life de iruno kana?

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