Saturday, February 20, 2010


February 19, 2010

@ Roppongi Hills TOHO cinemas
watched in 3D with aya and yochin after work

honto sugeee. kono eiga. minna ga ii ii iu no ga wakatta
the graphics in this movie was amazing.
and ive never seen a movie in digital 3D before
so it was quite an experience. the glasses was chotto
omoi after an hr toka so i was holding it up for
most of the time dakedo, nanka kono eiga wa maji
3D de miru beshi tte kanji ga suru. i do actually
want to see it again without the 3D glasses tho.
Story jitai wa maa maa tte kanji kana? tte omotta kedo,
graphics ga sugo sugiru kara it covered it mitaina.
zettai eigakan ni mini itte yokatta to omou.
i might buy it on DVD when it comes out too.
and i KNEW it was ZOE SALDANA!! she has
such a tokuchoo teki na voice. and also,
michelle rodriguez kakkoiiiii. hahaha

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