Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Lovely Bones

February 6, 2010

@ the shinjuku ピカデリー
watched with aya

honto wa avatar 3D miyouto omotta kedo,
it was sold out for all times, then we were
going to watch the imaginarium of doctor parnassus
and the only seats available were the ones right
at the front so we decided to watch the lovely bones.
which ended up pretty good. trailer mite, i was like
nnnn doudaro? tte kanji, but tabun kitai ga sukunakatta
kara it was better than expected. hahaha
honto it was kekkou good. very oshii to being
extremely good. nanka kono scene iraneee tte omotta
toko ga nankai ka atta kara futsuu de owatta kedo,
there were some extremely good parts. chooo doki doki
shitari, chooo kirei na scenes attari, i didnt cry but
atang did 3 times. haha but yea conclusion = igaito yokatta. haha

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