Friday, February 26, 2010

Cougar Town

February 25, 2010

watched alone

I havent been updating much movies in
february cuz ive been watching cougar town!!
and friends again. hahaha but i watched
season 1 episode 1~14 of cougar town.
igaito hamaru kore. and usually i dont put
TV shows up on this blog but I think
I might start doing so (per season.
not by episode - cuz I would have
too many to upload if i did episode-ly) lol
and this blog doesnt even include the
japanese tv shows that I watch too.
If I added that, that would be too much work.
hahaha seriously how much time do I spend
watching things?! probably more than I spend
time sleeping. hahaha
anyway, cougar town is pretty good so far.
I like the ex-husband guy. aho de kawaii.
and i like the tempo of the show. very fast paced.
I wanna hayaku see the rest but its not up yet.
hahaha dareka hayaku noseteeee!!
shikamo maji courtney cox kireiiiii!!

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